We offer metalworking services that are dedicated to customers from various industries and industrial sectors. We have modern machines and tools that allow us to precisely process metals in various forms and shapes.

Service description

We use the best tools and materials, which allows us to achieve maximum precision and durability of our products

Our services include machining, bending, cutting, turning, drilling, grinding and welding of metals. We also carry out orders for the production of single elements as well as larger series.

As a company specializing in metalworking, we are able to carry out very complex projects and meet the most demanding customer expectations. We operate on the basis of individual needs and expectations of our clients, and our services are always tailored to their requirements.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our employees, we ensure high quality of our services. Our solutions are effective and economical, which allows us to provide products and services at affordable prices.

We also ensure timely execution of orders and we care about the safety of employees and customers during the performance of services. If you have any questions or are interested in our services, please contact our company.

Comprehensive metalworking services at the highest level


asked questions

What is metalworking?

Metalworking is the process of changing the shape, dimensions, structure, physical or chemical properties of a metal raw material in order to obtain a specific form, dimensions or properties.

What are the most common methods of metalworking?

The most commonly used methods of metal processing include: cutting, bending, drilling, turning, milling, grinding, polishing, welding and hardening.

What are the most important factors affecting the quality of metal processing?

The most important factors affecting the quality of metal processing include: proper selection of tools and machining parameters, material quality, surface cleanliness and operator skills.

What are the most important metalworking applications?

Metal processing is used in many industries, including in the construction, automotive, chemical and energy industries, as well as in the production of machines and tools. Metal processing allows for obtaining precise elements and structures with given parameters and properties.