Sorting and storage rooms

We offer comprehensive services in the construction of sorting and storage facilities that meet the individual needs of our customers.

Service description

Construction of sorting and storage facilities

We have extensive experience in the design and construction of this type of facilities, thanks to which we can offer solutions at the highest level

As part of our services, we offer the design and construction of sorting and storage facilities based on the latest technological solutions and high-quality materials. Our projects are tailored to the individual needs of customers, taking into account their requirements and expectations.

The sorting plants and storage rooms we build are equipped with the latest equipment and technologies, which allows us to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the processes of sorting, storing and transporting goods. Our solutions are adapted to industry requirements and safety standards, thanks to which they are completely safe for employees and users.

Our services are aimed at clients from various industries, such as the food, agricultural, chemical and logistics industries. We work for both private sector companies and public institutions.

We guarantee timely and reliable execution of orders as well as competitive prices. We cooperate with the best suppliers of materials and equipment, which allows us to provide high quality of our services.

Construction process

Sorting vegetables while maintaining the highest quality and work safety standards


First of all, we determine the requirements and needs of the customer, and specify the specificity of the vegetables to be sorted in the sorting plant. Then we design a project that will meet the client’s requirements, available budget and industry requirements and safety standards.

Construction of foundations and structures

Depending on the project and the customer’s needs, the sorting plant can be made in the form of a hall or a building.

Installation of devices and machines

The next step is the assembly of devices and machines that will be used in the sorting process. The most important here are conveyor belts, sorters, weighing systems, as well as special machines for sorting vegetables.

Testing and acceptance

After the construction of the vegetable sorting plant is completed, tests and acceptance are carried out to ensure that all equipment is working properly and is safe to use.

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asked questions

What are the most important factors to consider when building a vegetable sorting and storage facility?

The most important factors include requirements for temperature, air humidity and ventilation, type and quantity of stored vegetables, storage space, availability of refrigeration systems and automation, and hygiene requirements.

What materials are used to build the sorting plant and vegetable storage?

For the construction of vegetable sorting and storage rooms, materials with thermal insulation properties are mainly used, such as thermal insulation panels, mineral wool or polystyrene insulation, aluminum profiles, as well as finishing materials such as stainless steel or sandwich panels.

What are the advantages of building a vegetable sorting and storage facility?

The advantages of building a sorting plant and vegetable storage include: enabling the storage and sorting of large quantities of vegetables, controlling storage conditions, minimizing losses during storage, as well as the possibility of integration with automation systems, which allows for more effective warehouse management.

What are the requirements for ventilation in the vegetable sorting and storage room?

Ventilation in the vegetable sorting and storage room is necessary to ensure the required air conditions, as well as to maintain the appropriate quality of stored vegetables. Ventilation requirements depend on the size and type of sorting and storage facilities, as well as on hygiene requirements.