Steel cutting and bending

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Service description

Steel bending is crucial in the production of metal elements, including structures, machines, devices

We are able to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers, ensuring precise and repeatable performance.

Thanks to the use of appropriate technology and experienced staff, we are able to obtain high-quality products with repetitive dimensions and shapes. Depending on the customer’s needs, it is possible to use various bending technologies, including cold or hot bending, uniform or irregular bending, bending in a plane or in space, bending pipes in various shapes and many others.

The steel bending services we offer make it possible to adjust the technology to specific customer needs, which contributes to increasing the quality of products and customer satisfaction.

Cutting steel with a laser

Cutting steel with a laser involves cutting through the material with a beam of light generated by a laser. This is a very precise and fast method that allows you to obtain sharp edges and minimal impact on the properties of the material.

Plasma steel cutting

Plasma steel cutting uses a special plasma jet that cuts through a flat sheet or pipe. This method is quick and precise, but may leave slightly rough edges.

Water steel cutting

Water-based steel cutting involves cutting through the material with a high-pressure water jet directed at the surface of the material. This method is used when very precise machining is required, and when the material is sensitive to the high temperatures that can be generated by other cutting methods.

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asked questions

What are the most common steel cutting methods?

The most commonly used methods for cutting steel are laser cutting, plasma cutting, gas cutting, water cutting and mechanical cutting.

What are the advantages of laser cutting?

The advantages of laser cutting include: precision, speed, no contact with the material, which minimizes tool wear and the ability to cut various types of steel.

What are the advantages of steel bending?

The advantages of bending steel include: the possibility of obtaining various shapes and dimensions of elements, high precision and repeatability of bending, which allows the production of large series of identical elements.

What are the most important factors affecting the quality of steel cutting and bending?

The most important factors affecting the quality of cutting and bending steel include, among others: proper selection of tools and cutting or bending parameters, material purity, its thickness, surface quality, ambient temperature and the quality and precision of machines and tools.

What are the most common problems that can occur when cutting and bending steel?

The most common problems that can occur when cutting and bending steel include: deformation, cracks, uneven cutting or bending, deformation, surface irregularities and problems with the exact positioning of the material.

What are the most common steel bending tools?

The most commonly used tools for bending steel are press brakes, hydraulic benders and electromechanical benders.