Ogrody Ulricha


Our task was to design and manufacture steel structures that would allow for the reconstruction of the original structure of the historic, pre-war Ulrich Gardens facility. We started the work with a thorough analysis of the original plans of the building and the previous conservation works. On this basis, new steel structures were designed, which were supposed to be durable and at the same time meet the aesthetic requirements and comply with the principles of monument conservation.

The assembly of the steel structures required very precise work and coordination with other teams involved in the revitalization of the building. By providing the appropriate tools and equipment for the installation of the structure, as well as an experienced team of specialists, we have implemented the structures in a safe and effective manner. The result of our work was a beautifully rebuilt historic building that retained its original character and gained a new life as a functional place for modern needs.


Halls and steel construction

Total area:

1 248 m2

Year of construction: