Grain silos

We specialize in the design and construction of grain silos of various capacities. Our constructions are characterized by the highest quality, resistance to weather conditions and grain storage safety.

Service description

We design grain silos to ensure the best grain storage conditions

We work with the best materials and technologies to provide our customers with structures that are durable, safe and efficient

The construction of grain silos is a process that requires knowledge, experience and professionalism. Our company has a team of highly qualified specialists who have many years of experience in the design and construction of grain silos.

In the offer of our company you will find:

  • Silos for corn, cereals and legumes
  • Grain silos with internal hopper
  • Flat-bottomed farm grain silos

We design grain silos to ensure the best grain storage conditions

The solutions we use allow us to optimize the process of drying, cooling and storing grain, which allows us to minimize losses and maintain the highest grain quality. Our silos are also equipped with monitoring systems that enable our customers to control grain moisture and temperature in real time. In addition to the design and construction of new grain silos, we also offer modernization and extension of existing structures.

Safety is a key element in the construction of grain silos

The construction must be durable, corrosion-resistant and stable to ensure the safety of people and stored grain. It is also important that the silo is equipped with humidity and temperature monitoring systems that allow for quick detection of any problems with the stored grain.

Efficiency in grain silos

The yield in grain silos is closely related to the quality of the stored grain. Adequate ventilation, moisture and temperature control, and pest and fungal control systems are key to achieving optimum grain quality. Proper storage of grain in silos allows minimizing losses and obtaining the best grain quality.

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asked questions

What are the most important factors to consider when building grain silos?

The most important factors include silo capacity, type of grain to be stored, climatic and geological conditions, ventilation and cooling requirements, and safety requirements.

What materials are used to build grain silos?

For the construction of grain silos, materials with thermal insulation properties are mainly used, such as concrete, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, plastics.

What are the advantages of building grain silos?

The advantages of building grain silos include: enabling the storage of large amounts of grain, controlling storage conditions, minimizing losses during storage, as well as the possibility of integration with automation systems, which allows for more effective warehouse management.

What are the requirements for ventilation and cooling in grain silos?

Ventilation and cooling requirements in grain silos are very important as they affect the quality of stored grain. These requirements depend on the type of grain, silo capacity and climatic conditions. Ventilation should ensure air exchange in the silo, and cooling will help maintain the right temperature.

What are the safety requirements for the construction of grain silos?

Safety requirements in the construction of grain silos include, among others: the use of appropriate materials and technologies, ensuring a stable structure, adequate protection against fire and explosion, as well as ensuring safe access to the silo.

What are the most important aspects of grain silo maintenance?

Key aspects of grain silo maintenance include: cleaning and maintenance of ventilation and cooling mechanisms, inspection of the condition of structures and protections, quality control of grain, as well as the use of appropriate corrosion protection measures.